After Thought Media

Bridging Cultural Boundaries

After Thought Media is a concept driven company that designs and creates Film, TV and Social Media content for global audiences. With a particular interest in emerging markets, we combine International Ideas, talent and business interests to create unique Entertainment solutions. Our roster of Projects range from Feature Films, TV/IPTV Show formats to Mass-Interactive Entertainment and Viral Marketing.

Originally formed in London, the company now has several Films and TV Shows in development in Turkey, U.S. and the UK. We aim to bridge cultural boundaries and are inspired by true stories, current affairs and changing World trends. With intelligent use of digital technology, experienced technicians and International Producing partners, our concepts are unique, affordable and appealing to many different types of markets. We also develop innovative new forms of web and e-commerce to create awareness of our content.

After Thought:
With a strong foundation for concept and strategy at script level, it’s more flexible for socially relevant ideas to be profitable at the top levels of the Entertainment Business.

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